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Photograph taken outside Columbine High school, showing the body of victim Daniel Rohrbough.


Photograph taken outside Columbine High school, showing the body of victim Daniel Rohrbough.

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mfhstudios said: damn dude what happened with you and that girl?


I got too serious too quick. I mean I can’t help that I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m full of passion and emotions n stuff. Sometimes the other person isn’t ready for that and it scares them, they realize they dont want something serious and then everything gets fucked up. But you know, it happens. You just have to keep running your 90s blog to distract u from the pain and when that doesn’t work you binge eat an entire Boston Cream Pie, a rotisserie chicken, while masturbating furiously at the nudes shes texted you and simultaneously crying while that dumb song from The Armageddon soundtrack Aerosmith - I Dont Want To Miss A Thing is playing on repeat on full blast, then you see her logged onto skype, you message her that you’re in love with her and if theres anything you can do to “work it out”, she immediately logs off, and you wonder if she put you on ignore, then you order a pizza from papa johns and binge eat that too, your roommate pounds on the door for you to lower the music “You’ve been listening to that stupid fucking song for 2 hours!” and he doesn’t know that it was your song, that you both watch “Armageddon” together one night on the TNT channel, and made out during the credits while that aerosmith song was playing, you yell back at your roommate “IM LISTENING TO MUSIC JUST LEAVE ME THE EFF ALONE PLEASE I PAY RENT HERE TOO YOU KNOW AND I CLEANED UP THE MESS YOU MADE THE OTHER DAY WHEN YOU MADE CHICKEN FAJiTAS” and then he leaves. The girl logs back onto skype and says that she still “wants to be friends”, but you know it isnt true and you devour the papa johns pizza alone in your room, in the dark, and looking for 90s things to post on your 90s blog. You wonder if you’ll ever meet anyone again, and pass out with your own dried out cum all over your stomach, and the slideshow of nudes playing on your computer monitor.

this made me cry

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